LED Lights

Led Tube Light

LED Tubelights are meticulously crafted for a superior light spread and clarity. Available both with and without Batten (T8) these luminaries are non flickering. Zodin tube lights are not only perfect for domestic lighting but are equally perfect for commercial lighting as well. They can be used for residential as well as commercial lighting.

Led Panel Light

There are many advantages of LED Panel lights therefore if you are looking for a smarter option of lighting for your indoor or outdoor these can be the best preference. The reasons are obvious and described in the post above. Smooth and Elegantly finished light adornation that can be easily mounted on any flat ceiling. Most of the times, when you buy these lights a technician come with you for the installation at the place where you want them to install.

Led Street Light

We manufacturers of high quality LED Street lights in wide variety and stylish design. Our ranges are 9 watt, 12 watt, 18 watt, 24 watt, 36 watt, 40 watt, 70 watt and 100 watt and power consumption voltage of Street lights 220-265VAC. Our products consume less power which increases energy efficiency and life. We committed to customer satisfaction and excellence. A Led Street Light is also referred as LED Road lighting and is an integrated light emitting diode (LED) fixture which is used for street lighting. Zodin LED street lighting is energy efficiency compared to conventional street lighting technologies such as high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) Lamps. Zodin LED street lights provides 30-70% energy saving. LED street lights continue to work for decades without any maintenance. Subtle design, energy efficient, wide angle light spread are the key highlights of the Zodin LED streetlights. Lights quality on ground is clear and without any dark patches.

Led Flood Light

Zodin LED flood lights are broad-beamed lights with a variety of uses both residential and commercial. With a large range of lumen outputs available, flood lights are popular for security lighting, landscape lighting, and outdoor sports venues in addition to stage lighting for concerts and plays. However, a brighter, more energy-efficient light doesn’t guarantee maximum illumination. Whether you’re using flood lights for your home or business here are five ways you might be under-utilizing your flood lights and how to make them more effective.