What is a Zodin Voltage stabilizer?

Zodin Voltage Stabilizer has a technologically highly developed electronic controlled concept to run a variable transformer with motor. Because of the involvement of motors, there is a small interval in voltage adjustment. However, output voltage precision is nearly one percent within input voltage variation is up to fifty percent. This type of technology tends to be particularly effective when taking into consideration substantial three phase applications, as it is able to maintain its accuracy at any voltage under different power factors.

Voltage Stabilizer Uses

  • To avoid a large number of fluctuations, that is common in our country.
  • An automatic Voltage regulator can be used to prevent the short circuit of various devices due to variable voltage levels, which might spoil the circuit. Many have shunts with low resistance and they might snap due to a variable voltage. Electronic equipment like spectrophotometers, pH-Meter, X-Ray Scanner, recorders are all affected by high voltage.
  • Refrigerators, deep freezers, incubators and other compressors are affected by low main voltage. Servo automatic regulator helps to control the voltage.
  • Industries, which need to run for a whole day without stopping, also affected by this fluctuation voltage. So to achieve constant voltage Servo Stabilizers are installed in such industries which need a regular supply of electricity at a constant voltage.

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