How to Select a Voltage Stabilizer?

Energy is committed to providing our electricity of good quality – namely, a frequency of 50 Hz and 220 V +10%. But, unfortunately, the reality is often not the case. If the frequency is usually all right, the tension in our networks may vary over a fairly wide range.

So, go directly to the method of choice:

1. Three-phase or single-phase?

If you have a single phase, the choice is obvious.

If the network – three-phase: In the presence of at least one three-phase consumers will need a stabilizer. Provided that the load can be used single-phase or three-phase stabilizer. The advantages of this option are at a lower cost, and avoids the singularity of three-phase stabilizers, namely the disconnection of the device when power fails in one phase (for whatever reason).

2. How to calculate the power required?

The stabilizer can be installed to stabilize the voltage as individual equipment, and the entire facility as a whole. It depends on the specific requirements and capabilities.

Written by zodin for Ac Stabilizer Soundless AC Stabilizer section(s).