How Much Electricity Do Voltage Stabilizers Consume

How Much Electricity Do Voltage Stabilizers Consume?

Power supply is erratic at maximum places in India, with voltage fluctuating in each instructions (up and down) at many locations frequently. these voltage fluctuations can harm home equipment, there by causing them to cease a whole lot before their ordinary beneficial existence. when voltage goes down, electric powered current within the equipment boom, that may result in burning of the equipment. Voltage Stabilizers have therefore found area in lots of homes and offices in India. In this text we are able to talk about voltage stabilizers: what they do, how a good deal power do they eat and a way to select one to your setup.


How Much Electricity Do Voltage Stabilizers Consume


Electricity consumption of voltage stabilizers relies upon at the efficiency of the stabilizer. commonly they’re 95-ninety eight% green. which means, they consume about 2-5% of the maximum load. So if you have a 1 kVA (or 1000 VA) stabilizer, it might consume approximately 50 Watts (on peak load). which means that if a 1kVA stabilizer is left on for 10 hours, it’d eat approximately zero.five unit of energy. hence leaving it on for 24 hours can cause a number of power consumption.



Always select a proper sized voltage stabilizer and also try and get them for man or woman appliances rather than for the complete electricity connection. Leaving them on for longer period can result in better power bills.






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